RULES OF Discipline

  • Every student has to attend the school on the reopening day. Those students who are ill must produce authentic medical certificates. Absence without approved leave for more than three days immediately after a vacation renders the student liable for dismissal.

  • Absence on the days of school function or be it on working days or holidays or national holidays will incur serious disciplinary action/fine.

  • Students who come to the school without school uniform or school diary shall be fined, or sent home and marked absent.

  • Any damage, dis-figuration or graffiti shall be made good by the offending student. Besides fine, a student may even be dismissed.

  • The Principal shall take confidential report about the students from the teacher or any other school staff. Parents could be asked to withdraw their sons/daughters from the school on the basis of the confidential report..

  • The school reserves the right to dismiss any student whose progress in studies is consistently unsatisfactory/who show no interest in studies/ whose parents lodge criminal complaint against any teacher or Principal/ Who do not pay school fees in time/who cause serious offence to other students.

  • All disciplinary actions taken by the Principal are effective and binding on the offending student. No review or revision shall apply to any court of law. Any interference from any department or party to forestall such disciplinary action shall not be entertained.