Principal's message

The NEP 2020 is a comprehensive document which is designed to transform the education sector in the country, and its success will lie in its implementation by the schools. 

For long, schools have focused on high scores in board exams and academics has remained at the core of the teaching-learning process. However, the policy states that the curriculum and pedagogy in schools would be experiential, interactive and integrated with artificial intelligence, sports, visual and performing arts.

The schools will have to shift their focus from syllabus completion to defining learning goals of each lesson and link assessments to these:

Plan to succeed

The NEP will achieve its goal only with a synchronized vision and action from all stakeholders. Today, we have the

opportunity to try and provide the best possible learning experience to our students. The time to begin is now.

Vision of the Institute

If you think you can, you will be. To provide each student a diverse education that promotes self-discipline, sense

of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in learning.

Sensitize parents & students

As the school aims and  plans to adopt the policy, parents must be sensitized to the changes in assessment

pattern, promotion of innovative pedagogy and the removal of hard boundaries between subjects so that they

make appropriate choices.



Mrs. Pooja Malhotra